Wake Up, Color Pup published!

Now in stores and available online. A fun journey that required perseverance, work, and some great collaboration! Thanks to Random House Children’s books.



First significant snowfall here.


Almost Done

Artwork teaser for an upcoming Random House Children's book. 



Happy 2018! Artwork for the January 2018 issue of BabyBug Magazine.


March Winds

A Highlights High Five assignment for March 2017. Highlights for Children has been nurturing young readers for over 70 years! 

Happy New Year!

A recent cover for the Children's Friend Magazine. Well wishes for 2017.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the best family holidays. A piece recently done for a Nat Geo kids publication.

Let's Read & Find Out Science

The Sun and the Moon from Harper Collins, available September 2016. A book that was a pleasure to work on.

Nepal Quick Sketches

Many thanks to Kumar Rupakheti. He is an amazing guide who showed us some of the treasures of Nepal. He answered our endless questions with humor and grace.

Quick Sketches

Sketches of some of the garment workers employed by Han Apparel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These beautiful women dress in gorgeous colors and flowing fabrics. They manage to look cool despite the heat.


Quick Sketches

A quick sketch of Anha, a tireless employee of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). She lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Had the privilege of meeting her and seeing her work with Zephyr Hats in sorting out severance issues on behalf of garment workers in one of the factories Zephyr contracts with. Her efforts were impressive.


St. George Family History Center

Sneak peak-a recently completed portion of a large (3' x 5'!) piece for the St. George Family History Center which will be opening in the fall. This work is for the Children's room. It celebrates our connections to one another, to past generations, and the varied cultural heritages we share. Incorporated into the piece are passports, birth certificates and immigration records from around the world.

New Work

Exploration for next project.